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Top 50 Twitch Extensions

Top 10 Twitch Extensions

Prime Subscription & Loot Reminder

prime subscription photo

Developer: Twitch Prime
Category: Loyalty & Recognition
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The Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder adds an icon as an overlay to a streamer's channel reminding viewers they have a free Twitch Prime channel subscription to use, as well as showing them other benefits of Twitch Prime.

Viewers can now redeem their Twitch Prime channel subscription right in the extension. Viewers can also dismiss the extension on a channel for the remainder of that session.

Latest Followers

latest followers extension

Developer: Casperr
Category: Streamer Tools
Extension Link

Latest Followers is a panel and overlay component listing new followers' screen name and profile image when they follow your channel. The extension also shows a total follower count for the day.

These stats will also show on your live dashboard, so if you open this when you start streaming you can shout out any new followers as they arrive.

Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown

streamlabs countdown extension

Developer: Streamlabs
Category: Schedule & Countdowns
Extension Link

A panel for displaying your channel's next Stream. Set your schedule in the configuration panel and your viewers will always see a countdown to your next upcoming stream. Planning on taking a break for a while? Set a return date and the countdown will inform your fans of when you plan to return.

Streamlabs Leaderboard

streamlabs leaderboard extension

Developer: Streamlabs
Category: Loyalty & Recognition
Extension Link

A gorgeous leaderboard that combines your cheers & loyalty points into one panel extension. Sort by session, week, month or all time. Reward your viewers for being loyal & supportive and give them the recognition they deserve.

Note: If loyalty points (via our Overlay extension) are not enabled on your channel the leaderboard will default to Cheers only mode.


streamlabs extension

Developer: Streamlabs
Category: Loyalty & Recognition
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All-in-one tool - your viewers earn loyalty points, request songs, vote in polls, enter giveaways, and play mini-games that will keep them coming back to your channel.

Twitter Timeline

twitter timeline

Developer: Flightly
Category: Streamer Tools
Extension Link

Keep your viewers updated with this extension that shows your latest Tweets directly on your channel! Brought to you by Flightly, a Twitter Official Partner.

Featuring support for images, playable videos, and animated GIFs; full 280 characters, retweets, interactive links, and light/dark themes.

StreamElements Leaderboards

streamelements leaderboards extension

Developer: StreamElements
Category: Loyalty & Recognition
Extension Link

StreamElements extension helps you celebrate your top viewers and chat keeping your audience updated and happy. Keep track of points, longest subs, leading cheerers, total messages, Chatstats and top emotes and Stream store.

Now including a stream countdown timer, viewer locations and more!

Suggestion Box

suggestion box extension

Developer: Guanzo
Category: Polling & Voting
Extension Link

Trying to improve your stream, but don't know where to start? It's time to ask the audience. Let viewers write suggestions for your stream. Give them a voice they normally wouldn't have in Twitch chat, and get valuable opinions about the experience you provide. Suggestion Box provides comment throttling to prevent spam. You can also choose to place new comments in an approval queue, and have your chat moderators help out.

Sound Alerts

Developer: Altoar
Category: Viewer Engagement
Extension Link

Let your viewers play sound effects on your stream to celebrate special moments. Boost viewer engagement and strengthen your community!

Upload your own sounds or select sounds from the library.  You can optionally set Bits amounts for your Sounds Alerts.

Bits will contribute towards users Bits chat badges and Bits leaderboard. An overlay and chat notification will appear each time a Sound Alert is played.

Spotify Recently Played

spotify recently played extension

Developer: Spotify
Category: Music
Extension Link

Spotify Recently Played lets others see what you’re listening to when you’re live. You can also add all these songs to a playlist for others to follow.

  • Shows the song you’re playing now and your two previous songs
  • A click on the extension will take you to your Spotify account
  • Add songs to your playlist automatically