Console Gaming League

Dallas, TX


Console Gaming League is a platform for competitive console gaming. They hold tournaments and gaming events for console players. Games include: Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, and more.


CGL offers a streamer sponsorship program for console gamers.


  • Added to CGL's Autohost list on Twitch
  • Random gifted subs from CGL
  • Social media promotions 4x/month
  • Featured on CGL's website
  • Featured during broadcasts
  • Graphic assistance
  • Featured channel in CGL Discord
  • Every time the CGL SSP donation pool hits $100, a random streamer will receive $100 in gifted subs
  • One CGL Sponsored Streamer will get a trip to TwitchCon


  • 20 streams/month
  • 50 hours of streaming/month
  • 250 Twitch followers
  • Self-promotion on Twitter
  • Small CGL logo on stream overlay
  • Link to CGL Discord in Twitch info section
  • Maintain positive image

Application consists of normal form fields along with a brief description about what games you stream and who you are.