Cooler Master

Cooler Master



You’d think Cooler Master only sells cooling products for PCs, but they also sell their own cases, power supplies, and accessories like keyboards, mice and more.

Cooler Master Stream Team

Cooler Master strives to build the best community and streamers are a huge part of that. They're always looking for new talent to join our ever-growing content creation community and you’ve landed in the right place to join them! They can support your journey in many ways from hardware to full time paid brand deals!

Friend Level

  • 3% affiliate commissions
  • Masterclub XP boost

Family Level

  • Same perks as Friends
  • Free t-shirt with a purchase
  • 20% off purchases on all products
  • Free wrap with a case purchase
  • Sticker and gift pack

Partner Level

  • Same perks as Family
  • Full merch drops
  • Free products every year
  • Paid sponsorships
  • 5% affiliate commissions