Sponsorship and Affiliate


Envavo is looking for the best YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and alike, who share their beliefs and values. They want to grow esports into the biggest sport on earth.

If you need a helpful, resourceful and awesome sponsor, keep reading.

What they offer:

  • 7% Commissions for sponsored sales
  • Free products for you and your community
  • A personal contact at Envavo for any needs regarding your sponsorship
  • Easy to handle sponsorship with special promos for your community
  • Increased performance & comfort during gaming, using their innovative product the Envavo Heatbuff.
  • They will promote you to their community of tens of thousands of gamers

What they are looking for

They want to partner up with passionate, driven and ambitious content creators. They need you to have achieved something prior to contacting them - that being 150+ consecutive viewers on Twitch or 10,000 average views on YouTube.

But most importantly, we are looking for people who align with our beliefs and values.

If you have a burning passion for gaming and want to see it grow like crazy, they might have a partnership waiting for you.