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GT Omega is always looking to partner with the best influencers and esports teams in the industry. They offer a range of sponsorship opportunities and ventures to organizations, events, individuals and many others.

Are you looking to get a GT Omega sponsorship for your team or organization? Do you have an upcoming convention or a local tournament? Are you a social media influencer, content creator, online personality etc? Here’s your opportunity!

Please remember this application is their first impression of you, so include as much information about yourself as possible with some strong social media metrics, achievement and emphasize how you can have a lasting partnership with GT Omega.

Email to get started.


Becoming a GT Omega affiliate is easy. You'll join their growing family of affiliates and work with them to promote premium products to gamers across the world. Applying is easy and you can earn 5% commissions on every product sale that is made from your referral link.

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