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Modjunkiez sponsorship consists of 5 tiers. See the program's details below.

The Next Level Sponsorship program consists of 5 tiers.  All very easily achievable. The concept is very simple the more people use your team / individual code the more you earn.

We keep track of how many times each code is used.  Once your team / individual achieves a Tiers rewards you will be sent an email from the team with instructions on redemption.  

What you get when you sign up -  1 x Coupon code for you or your team for 10% off.  1 Year MJZ Sponsorship contract.  Instantly become part of the #MJZFam


  • Getting Warm:  Minimum of 3 uses of Team's Code unlocks Getting Warm Rewards.
  • It's Getting Hot:  Minimum of 5 uses of Team's Code unlocks It's Getting Hot Rewards.
  • Heating Up:  Minimum of 10 uses of Team's Code unlocks Heating Up Rewards.
  • On Fire:  Minimum of 15 uses of Team's Code unlocks On Fire Rewards
  • Lit Up: Minimum of 25 uses of Team's Code unlocks LIT Rewards.

Next Level Unlocks

  • Getting Warm: MJZ Swag Pack.
  • It's Getting Hot: Xbox + PS4 Controller Design One of our Super Talented Graphic Artists which will also be listed on the site.  
  • Heating Up: 4x 50 Dollar MJZ Gift Cards.
  • On Fire: 4x 100 Dollar MJZ Gift Cards! 4 x MJZ TShirts from Akquire.  
  • Lit Up: 1x Team Pass for LAN of choice paid in full. (Lan Pass Only). 4x MJZ PRO Series Controllers with Tactical Buttons. 4x MJZ TShirts from Akquire.
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