Sponsorship and Affiliate
South Florida


OPSEAT is only able to sponsor USA based esports organizations and streamers. Individuals and teams have their own separate applications. Below are the details for individual applicants.


All: Must be located in the contiguous United States

  • Bronze: Entry level content creator. Under 10,000 subscribers on YouTube or under 50 average viewers on Twitch. Keep working hard to get some traction, getting off the ground is always the hardest part. Please use our affiliate program found here.
  • Gold: Experienced content creator. Under 100,000 subscribers or between 50 to 250 average viewers. Great work, stay consistent in your schedule and continue to grow your audience. Please submit an application below.
  • Diamond: Established content creation brand. Over 100,000 subscribers or over 250 average viewers. Your viewership rivals the largest channels. Please submit an application below.


If you are an esports organization than your entire organization itself should collectively fall on the above scale in some way. If you are in a large tournament series your reach can be slightly larger so make sure to include that with your application.

If you are in the Bronze tier we encourage you to apply to our affiliate partnership program. You can get $15 for every chair you help sell using your link and on the 10th sale you get a free chair. This is a great way to grow and prove your brand.

If you fall on the Gold or higher tier we encourage you to both sign up for the above affiliate program and apply below for a more robust partnership opportunity. Our sponsorships can range from a free chair to free chairs and a minimum monthly payout on our affiliate program. Please apply below and we will be in touch via email within two weeks after we've had a chance to review your application.

Thank you again for your reaching out to us. We wish you and your organization luck. Remember to have fun and as always #GAMEOP.