Welcome to Fairly Odd Streamers

The all-in-one resource for live streamers

Fairly Odd Streamers aims to become an all-in-one resource platform for content creators in the live streaming niche. With 10+ years experience in the live streaming space, 50k+ email subscribers and over 1 million web users throughout the last few years, Fairly Odd Streamers is known for sharing the best live streaming content out there.

Our Story

Fairly Odd Streamers was founded in 2019 with its aim on sharing the best information and tools for live streamers.

It was bootstrapped by our founder while working full-time in the digital marketing industry. Although he's not a live streamer himself, he's been a gamer since childhood and an avid live stream viewer since the days of Justin.TV.

He wanted to merge his day job with his passion: a website dedicated to help and educate live streamers. It's his way of giving back to the community that's provided thousands of hours of entertainment.

So after many months of research, writing and web development he managed to get the site off the ground with zero funding. Years later, we’ve rebranded the site and plan on becoming the #1 resource for streamers, viewers, and anyone else interested in this industry.

Fairly Odd Streamers is built on passion, and still to this day we are proud to be independently owned.

Our Mission

To build Fairly Odd Streamers into a highly respected resource for streamers.

The Team

Founder of Fairly Odd Streamers. I'm a digital marketer by day, gamer by night. Full bio on the way!

Kody Wirth is a content writer and SEO specialist for Palo Alto Software. He has 3+ years experience covering small business topics and runs a part-time content writing service in his spare time.