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Copyright-Free Music for Twitch and YouTube

A comprehensive music resource for livestreamers.

Navigating the world of copyright-free music for Twitch and YouTube can be overwhelming, but it's essential to find the right tracks to enhance your content without infringing on copyright laws. The importance of using copyright-free music has increased due to the risk of facing legal consequences, such as DMCA strikes and lost monetization. This article will introduce you to some of the best sources for finding copyright-free music tailored to your streaming and content creation needs.

When selecting music for your Twitch streams and YouTube videos, there are several factors to consider, such as track count, price, and genres. Each platform aims to cater to a wide variety of content creators' preferences, ensuring that you have access to a diverse range of audio tracks that suit your specific needs and style.

In the following sections, we will delve into different services offering copyright-free music, breaking down their features and benefits, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing the best option for your content. Remember, the perfect soundtrack can enhance your viewers' experience, so invest time in selecting the right platform and tracks to amplify your content's overall appeal.


Pretzel.Rocks Homepage Screenshot

Pretzel Rocks is a music streaming service that offers a vast catalog of copyright-free music specifically tailored for Twitch and YouTube creators. Here are some key features of the platform:

  • Track count: Over 550,000 Twitch-safe tracks and 114,000 YouTube-safe tracks
  • Price: Offers a subscription-based model (starting at $6/month) with a free trial available
  • Genres: Covers a wide variety of genres with over 55 curated stations

With Pretzel Rocks, you can easily find and license music for both Twitch and YouTube without having to worry about copyright claims or DMCA strikes. The service has an interactive mode where you can control the music natively from your Stream Deck, ensuring a seamless experience for your viewers.

Pretzel Rocks also offers a chatbot feature, allowing your audience to engage and interact with the music playing during your stream. Additionally, you can create and manage your own playlists to personalize your content further.

While you can start streaming and downloading music with their free trial, investing in a premium plan gives you access to even more benefits, including premium support and a larger share of your fee going back to support the artists.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound Homepage Photo

Epidemic Sound offers a vast catalog of royalty-free music for both Twitch and YouTube creators, making it a popular choice for video and streaming content. When choosing Epidemic Sound, consider the following features:

  • Track count: Over 40,000 original tracks
  • Price: Offers a subscription-based model (starting at $9.99/month) with a free trial available
  • Genres: A wide range of music genres to fit any content type

To get started, you can sign up for their free trial to explore and use their music catalog for 30 days with no strings attached. During the trial, you're free to download and use as many tracks as you like in your Twitch streams and YouTube videos. Afterward, choose a subscription plan that best fits your needs to continue publishing your content with Epidemic Sound's music library.

Remember to always abide by the terms and conditions of the license included with your chosen subscription. This ensures you stay in compliance while using Epidemic Sound’s music in your videos and streams, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on creating engaging content for your audience.

OWN3D Music (Epidemic Sound Integration)

OWN3D Music Video Player Screenshot

OWN3D Pro has partnered with Epidemic Sound that integrates royalty-free music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound into OWN3D Pro. This allows streamers to use thousands of tracks and sounds in a single platform.

  • Track count: Over 40,000 original tracks and sound effects
  • Price: OWN3D Pro has a free subscription limit of 30 minutes of music/day. Otherwise, the starting price with OWN3D Pro + Epidemic Sound starts at $6.25/month.
  • Genres: A wide range of music genres to fit any content type

This is an obvious choice for OWN3D Pro users. It allows you to take full advantage of Epidemic Sound's library with a fraction of the cost. Plus all your streaming essentials would be housed in a single environment, OWN3D Pro. No more bouncing back and forth between applications to get what you need.

Monstercat Gold

Monstercat Gold Screenshot of Features

Monstercat Gold is a popular option for content creators who want to play copyright-free music while streaming. This individual music licensing subscription grants members access to thousands of high-quality songs, suitable for various genres of content.

With Monstercat Gold, you can avoid the risk of receiving a DMCA strike on your Twitch or YouTube channel. The key features that make this service valuable for content creators include:

  • Track count: A large library of over 5,600 tracks
  • Price: An affordable price of $7.50/month or $75/year.
  • Genres: Primarily EDM music spanning bass, dance, electronic, chill, melodic, pop, and more.

By subscribing to Monstercat Gold, you can enhance your creative content with a diverse selection of music, without worrying about copyright issues. The service is designed with individual creators in mind, and allows you to use your subscription on up to 6 livestreaming channels. However, it only applies to Twitch and YouTube.


NCS Music Homepage Screenshot

NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) is a copyright-free record label and music platform dedicated to connecting creators and artists through music to build careers. This platform is an excellent choice livestreamers.

  • Track count: Over 1,500 songs
  • Price: Free
  • Genres: Primarily EDM, including: house, dubstep, trap, pop, indie, dance, drum and bass, and more

NCS focuses on providing free-to-use music for content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. It's the perfect music companion without the risk of copyright strikes and legal issues.

They are always adding new music, and it's not generic stock music from faceless composers. Industry artists with global fanbases contribute to the NCS platform. Stream music on their own platform, Spotify or YouTube.


Soundstripe Twitch Integration Screenshot

Soundstripe provides copyright-free music for Twitch and YouTube, giving you access to a vast library of tracks from Grammy-winning artists. As a streamer, you can trust Soundstripe to supply the highest quality music for your videos without running into copyright issues.

Some features of the Soundstripe offering include:

  • Track count: Over 9,000 songs to choose from
  • Price: Free version is available with limited tracks and functions. Twitch Pro extension starts at $4/month with other plans to choose from. YouTube options are more expensive.
  • Genres: Varying genres with music from award-winning artists

To start using Soundstripe, you just need to activate and configure the extension. With the Soundstripe extension for Twitch, you will have access to a variety of music, fit for different types of content on your channel or in your videos.

By using Soundstripe, you will eliminate the stress of managing licenses, renewing royalties, or worrying about copyright strikes on your content. Enhance your Twitch and YouTube presence with confidence, knowing that Soundstripe has your back when it comes to providing the perfect soundtrack.

StreamBeats by Harris Heller

StreamBeats by Harris Heller Homepage Screenshot

If you're searching for copyright-free music to use on your Twitch and YouTube channels, StreamBeats by Harris Heller is a great option. Offering completely free music, it's available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

A few notable features of StreamBeats include:

  • Track count: Over 1,500+ with some playlists lasting over 14 hours in length.
  • Price: StreamBeats is completely free, which makes it an attractive choice for content creators.
  • Genres: There's a variety of genres available, ensuring you'll find the perfect soundtrack for your streams or videos.

To get started with StreamBeats, simply head over to their website and check out the available playlists. You'll find options like lo-fi, ambient, and more to suit your streaming or video content's mood. With its free and safe-to-use music, StreamBeats can be the ideal solution for enhancing your Twitch and YouTube channels while avoiding copyright issues.


Chillhop Homepage Screenshot

Chillhop is a popular genre of music that provides a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere for your Twitch and YouTube content. By signing up for the Creator's Program, you can enjoy access to Chillhop's collection of tracks while ensuring that your videos remain monetized and free from copyright claims.

The Chillhop Creator's Program offers:

  • Track count: Over 1,500+ tracks to choose from
  • Price: Completely free with the ability to connect your YouTube or Twitch channel
  • Genres: As the name implies, mostly chillhop and lofi hip hop

In addition to their music, Chillhop also has a licensing program if you're looking to use their music in commercial projects. They offer a variety of licenses depending on your needs and budget.

Overall, Chillhop is a great option for creators looking for DMCA-free music to use in their content. With a wide variety of tracks and a Creator's Program that allows you to monetize your work, it's definitely worth checking out.


What is DMCA-free music?

DMCA-free music is music that can be used without violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This means that the music can be legally used and distributed without the risk of receiving a DMCA takedown notice or copyright infringement claim.

Why should I use DMCA-free music?

Using DMCA-free music protects you from potential legal issues that may arise from using copyrighted music without permission. It also ensures that your content won't be taken down due to copyright claims, which can negatively impact your audience and revenue.

How do I play music on Twitch?

To play music on Twitch, simply run your preferred music player in the background while streaming. However, ensure that you are playing copyright-free music to avoid any DMCA issues. Adjust the volume levels so that the music complements your stream without overpowering your voice or in-game sounds.

How do you mute music in VODs On Twitch?

Go to your Video Producer and select the VOD you want to edit. Click on the gear icon and select "Edit Stream Info". Under "Advanced Settings", you can select "Mute copyrighted audio in VODs". This will mute any copyrighted music that was played during your stream.

What happens if I play copyrighted music on Twitch?

If you play copyrighted music on Twitch, you may receive a DMCA takedown notice. This means that the owner of the music has requested that Twitch remove your content. If you receive multiple DMCA notices, your account may be suspended or terminated. It's important to make sure that the music you play on your stream is DMCA-free to avoid any issues.