About Us

Welcome to Fairly Odd Streamers ūüĎč

We're a small team of gamers and content creators who are extremely passionate about streaming and esports.

Our goal is to provide free resources for streamers on all platforms (like Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, among others). These resources are up-to-date and are as comprehensive as they can be. If you notice something is outdated, shoot us an email at brian@fairlyoddstreamers.com.

Fairly Odd Streamers focuses on 3 things:

  1. Resources
  2. Interviews
  3. Blogging


This is the main goal of the site. We want every streamer to have all the available resources for streaming at their fingertips. What does that consist of?

If you are struggling to make your stream look professional, look at our graphics and overlays resource.

Or maybe you're trying to get a chatbot setup to help moderate your channel. Then check out our chatbots resource.

Perhaps you're looking to monetize your channel with a sponsorship, look at our list of sponsorships.

Doesn't matter what you need, we have a resource for it. Not only do we compile all the best options available to you, but we rank them and answer your most common questions. And like we said - shoot us an email if we need to make an update.


We interview streamers to get a behind-the-scenes look into their lives. Viewers see the tip of the iceberg for most streamers. Pulling back the curtain to see how these content creators live can be eye opening. It can also help other streamers learn how others manage their day-to-day.

A lot of newcomers think becoming a full-time streamer is nothing but fun and games all day. But for some, a harsh reality awaits them. Hearing from veterans on their struggles can be stark awakening for viewers and fresh newcomers.


Although we don't have much content on the blog right now, we want to provide interesting content for both streamers and viewers. Over the year we'll add lots of fun posts for you to enjoy.

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