Chlooeeeexo – UK Variety Streamer with a Knack for Design & Social Media

Chlooeeeexo – UK Variety Streamer with a Knack for Design & Social Media

Tell us your history with video games

I was introduced into video games when I was very young, started with Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon trading card game, and Pokemon Pinball. When I was in secondary school, we were in English once and I installed Quake 3 on one of the computers, as well as feeling really rebellious. This was my first introduction into an FPS and shooter game, and it stemmed from there onwards. I fell in love with CoD4 (one of my all time favourite games for which I’ve clocked 40 days playtime) which then lead to PUBG, Fortnite then into Hyper Scape and Apex Legends.

I played on my Xbox 360 at the time and any friends I’d made were from the online world. I’d never had siblings or parents that were interested in video games. Although when growing up my parents purchased the Gamecube, GBA, Game Boy Colour, SP, Nintendo DS, PS, PS2 and Xbox 360 so I was able to continue the addiction of gaming through the years.

I tried to find an Instagram name years ago and kept adding o’s and e’s to finally get the name I have today, then indeed ‘xo’ so it would actually let me have the name, quite simple and kinda boring really.

I’ve always been interested in video games, maybe when I was younger the types of games I’d play tended to be a lot different to what I play now. Younger me enjoyed story games and then as I’ve gotten older I enjoy the competitive side of gaming more.

What’s your backstory and how did you get into streaming?

I started streaming on January 4th, 2019 and have been streaming for over 2 years. I had a pre-built PC with basic parts that I was then able to upgrade whilst working and studying in University! I play video games anyway so it kind of makes sense to stream them and let my community enjoy the games!

I started streaming after I was watching Ninja! I was honestly in love with the idea you could communicate with people, play the games you loved with an audience. Although I knew I wasn’t very good at them at the time, I knew I loved chatting to people so wanted to try it for myself.

I’ve never had any real experience, I’ve played video games since before I can remember. Streaming felt like it almost became natural to me. Before covid I had been living in South Wales having relocated from England. I had been working sales jobs, retail positions, account management, managing an office and then landed this position in sales and social media marketing. I found this to be VERY helpful for Twitch because it gave me an insight into how helpful social media can be for a company to grow their brand. It helped me with knowing the importance of being professional but also posting to be engaging!

I utilized what I’d learnt through my previous position in social media marketing and trialed this within Twitch and various other social media platforms. Structuring posts, preparing and finalizing during the day. It’s more of a trial and error process I believe, you’re not sure whats going to work for you until you try it!

I have been working since I was 17 and been in several different positions and companies. I was actually made redundant in March 2020 so I used this time to go full time and really try to push my content more. Focusing more on content creation on other platforms too! I have been at various different stages in my life where I had been streaming full time (currently) or part time at a job, university and streaming as well as maintaining a social life. Trying to focus on too many things at once can be really daunting and bad for your mental health and I found it hardest trying to juggle University, a full time job and streaming in the day. A lot of people see gaming as their ‘wind down time’, so when you stream you almost turn it into something more than that because it becomes more than just ‘wind down game time’.

Tell us about your channel and community

My community are the most welcoming, friendly and active place ever! There are a mixture of Mods, VIPs, subs, non-subs, some of these being friends online, friends in RL, University friends, childhood friends and even my family! Anybody new who enters a stream is instantly welcomed by a mod or greeted by myself if they say hello! My community is a safe, inclusive place for anyone.

I’ve changed up the games I play from Hyper Scape, Fortnite, CS:GO, TFT, PUBG, League of Legends, Marbles, Jackbox, Fall Guys, Among Us, Apex Legends and even some chess! I LOVE chess! I currently really enjoy Hyper Scape, Apex Legends and TFT, although I really enjoy the ‘just chatting’ category at the moment this time allows me to really interact and connect with my community! I always describe it as a giant Whatsapp group where i’m the one with the face on the screen and it allows everyone to chat away and everybody else catch up.

Before streaming I had always played games via console, I own a capture card so could stream using Switch or any console. Sometimes I wind down after stream with certain games to keep my eyes fresh from the competitive side of the games I enjoy. These tend to be slower paced games that can take my attention away, like Chess or Teamfight Tactics. These games require more strategic plays which isn’t what I’m usually into but love to change it up!

When the opportunity arises and a space opens up, viewers are more than welcomed. I would like to know if they are new because this will alleviate any chance of them trolling for whatever reason! I play with viewers in most of my games, the people that play these games tend to be subs, or VIPs that I’m familiar with or already have as friends on whichever game I’ve opened it up to.

Tell us about your brand and how you’ve been able to obtain success

I am myself, I would find it exhausting to create a persona. It’s much simpler just being my true self where I can.

The name chlooeeeexo came from my instagram days, where I was unable to get something as simple as ‘chloe’ so I added more o’s & e’s to get the name I wanted! I am a graphic designer too, studied in school, then college and now have a first in graphic design with honors. It helped with starting out for my logo, emotes, sub badges and then any panels and overlays from the get go. It opened up my eyes to another side of graphic design that I’d studied too because I focused on a lot of editorial, commercial / corporate logos, magazines and packaging but I was able to use that. I’ve also been able to utilize my skills to create badges and emotes for other people who needed something and at the time maybe couldn’t afford to pay a designer, so I’ve assisted where possible. There is more to a brand than just a logo and name, this brand represents you.

As I have a strong interest in social media marketing and have been lucky enough to work in the industry, I am aware of what works on what platforms. For example a # does not work on specific social media so posting a photo of your gaming setup on a facebook messenger story with a # wouldn’t work to gain traction. I speak so highly of utilizing the social media we have available if they’re free: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Discord(s), Twitter, you could even use Snapchat if you have friends / a following on there and same with more professional websites like LinkedIn. It’s just about learning how to post and to remember how and where to post. Keep attention where possible, let people have a reason to visit your stream, know where / what your stream details are and do be consistent where possible.

Originally whilst working full time, or being in university it would be very hard to keep a structured schedule because working around any of them, if not both plus a social life can be hard work! So getting a schedule in place is very helpful, because then if somebody who is familiar with your community is visiting Twitch, they know roughly when you’re live so they can just park in your stream because they roughly know your time zone and schedule.

I’m sponsored by some awesome brands including Secretlab Chairs, Gfuel and partnered with Amazon so these brands also help me with reach too!

When I was studying  in my final year of university, I was going through a stage where I wasn’t able to physically keep up with everything I had going on. Sometimes I take on a lot, I always like to find myself being productive and almost feel guilty for giving myself time off or letting myself relax. I’ve always been the same, so now Twitch is full time for me I feel guilty having time to myself. I was struggling with university full time, a full time job, streaming, a relationship at the time that I felt like I was neglecting because everything I wanted to do didn’t include him. I was not able to see my family and felt pressure to always be doing more that revolved around everybody but family and my boyfriend at the time. I think trying to keep up with too many things at once really can take its toll on your mental health so it’s always important to find that balance. A lot of people can look up to you a role model, or an inspiration but sometimes do not know what goes on behind the scenes. I keep anything negative off stream unless it’s happened on Twitch or social media. I like to address things like this so it avoids any awkwardness in the future.

I think originally it took me 3 weeks to hit affiliate. January 4, 2019 I began my Twitch journey, I knew about other platforms such as Dlive and Mixer, plus Facebook Gaming was just becoming a ‘thing’. I am not a partner however I am at partner status I just choose not to apply right now!

I actually unintentionally went full time on Twitch, it was a really strange time in my life where I was reducing the hours I was working because of me studying at university and then covid hit. The day before lockdown my job unfortunately had to let me go. My role for this company was to basically gain the company more business through social media reach, branding / marketing and calling potential customers I had found through researching, but during covid there wouldn’t have been such a requirement for my role as the work couldn’t be fulfilled. I was let go from the company and although it was a tough time, I took it with a pinch of salt and decided to put more hours in streaming, as well as continuing with university.

I started with Twitch as a hobby, realized it could be more without realizing because now I stream with a schedule because I do not have a job. Twitch found me my best friend, incredible content creators, friendships, within my community people have found relationships (incredible) and have a place to ultimately feel safe. Couldn’t ask for more really.

How do you balance streaming and life?

A lot of people assume that you turn the stream on and end then that is it, switch off. But that isn’t necessarily the case for every content creator. I like to have a schedule because I tend to be quite organized. I sleep late a lot of the time because I find myself being able to produce more design work in the evenings when I’m supposed to ‘wind down’. So I sleep very late and wake up (in an ideal world) at around 10am. I like to plan social media where possible the night before, if there is a topic to be discussed or something I want/need to address then I plan it the night before. With sponsorships, or announcements this is especially the case because I sometimes panic about how things could pan out, so the more preparation the better. Turn the stream on, play a load of games, just chat and always raid, then end! A lot of clips from the stream are then turned into content which I like to describe the aftermath of the stream as the after thought, where it doesn’t just necessarily end when the stream does. Friends can chill in the Discord, I spend time in friends streams and eat dinner. Streamer diet for me is usually sporadic as I never plan my meals, unless It’s ramen. I really like ramen. But that’s just hot water haha.

My days off I usually devote to my clothing business, as I’m the graphic designer so I like to make sure it’s ready for when something drops. I don’t really take ‘rest days’ or ‘days off’, I will sometimes sit and watch a movie, or catch up on a series whilst working on something. I think with covid it means a lot of my time is spent indoors, so I get fresh air when going shopping, dropping off parcels or getting groceries etc, so that’s not really days off but it’s still being productive! Whatever works for you at the end of the day!

I think there’s a layer every streamer has to face when it comes to streaming, whether or not that’s the time before they hit ‘go live’, during the stream or just other instances. I found myself gaining more confidence talking to people, keeping busy and just chatting away. A lot of people suffer with anxiety and depression so it can be a very hard to deal with subject, but again it’s something I’m open to discuss with people. I get nervous sometimes, but I think especially with covid it helps me with my confidence having people to talk to everyday. I used to be a lot more confident when I was younger. I gained confidence when I spoke to people on the phones in my previous jobs so I guess I’ve carried that over to Twitch!

My dad still does not understand what Twitch is, although my mother has no clue despite explaining I play video games in front of people everyday she still wishes me the best and gages an interest. My siblings wish they could do it but they haven’t got a clue. When I was growing up I was the kid in the family that played video games online with new random internet people I’d met from xbox live, but my siblings… they took no interest! A lot of my friends wanted advice, wanted to chat about it or even try it for themselves.

I’m not sure what will happen after covid lifts, same with a lot of streamers and content creators! I couldn’t answer that realistically until covid restrictions lift a lot more. Here in the UK it’s still pretty strict, we are not allowed to leave unless to meet one other person / a bubble! I am growing quite fast on Twitch, it started off slow and then I put a lot more time into it. Who really knows what the future holds!

For others with a bigger following, across other social medias too it can be a livable lifestyle. I have the business too to keep me afloat but Twitch can be a bit hit or miss! You have no idea what’s around the corner ^_^

What tools do you use for your stream?

Streamlabs OBS. I've always used Slobs. Although the CPU usage can be mega but I’ve found just changing this over to use my GPU works fine.

I have my donations connected via Paypal using StreamElements.

I use Nightbot, Streamlabs, and StreamElements for my bots. I have commands set for nearly everything. I have some really great mods who remember a lot of the commands too!

Discord can grow and change over time, the bigger it gets the more love it needs etc. I have lots of channels where people can talk about specific things. When somebody new joins there is a screening process, which is new.

My logo was commissioned by an artist that worked on Shroud’s branding and my sub badges and emotes are all commissioned! I always recommend my artist too!

According to my dashboard I have a few installed for overlays on the Twitch stream, such as Prime sub reminder which features a little crown in a corner of the stream you select and a hyperscape overlay as this is a game I play regularly and is also interactive.

In my panels I have an Instagram feed, to show my updates from my Instagram profile. A sub tracker to show how many months people have been subscribed to the channel and top bit donators etc. This is down to the streamer and how they are placed can work or may not I would suggest extensions for every stream though, take a look and see what could work!

I look at analytics a lot but this comes from when I used to work in social media and marketing. My job would be focused around growing the business and increase the clients! So although I look at them, I would suggest unless you’re looking to see progress or how you can improve (ie. you tried something new one day and wanted to compare your statistics one day to see how it hindered or improved the stream) it can be daunting sometimes and you shouldn’t compare yourself to other streamers. Although I’m sure we can all be guilty of it, one time or another.

What are your top 3 streaming tools?

Make the best out of what you have. You may not have the best camera (as an example) but if you make the background of your stream look great it gives you personality. Also you’re able to customize the settings the way you want, not all cameras are plug in and automatically look great, it’s all about configuring it to make it the way you want it! You don’t need the most expensive PC in the world, if you have a console and are just starting out, give what you have a go!  Budget friendly is key, not everybody can afford to spend £2,500 on a PC and be left with money that month (I know I couldn’t do that).

A huge glass or tumbler to drink lots of water (stay hydrated everyone please). Oh and look away from the screen and outside, just to refresh your eyes.

Eat?! EAT EAT EAT and eating. I find when I wake up I have energy, I’m a morning or a night person but if you can eat where possible breakfast, lunch or dinner (if you don’t mind eating on stream do it) this will keep you energized and pumped for more hours of streaming! I know I always forget to eat so I do this a lot on stream, oops.

What advice would you give to small channels trying to reach Partner?

Try to be consistent – if you’re able to, form a schedule and post it on everything possible so people know!

Try and grow organically, don’t push something if it isn’t happening.

Don’t follow 4 follow or support 4 support.

Follow the ToS – read it, follow Twitch on Twitter and keep up to date with everything going on that way you’re always in the know.

Trolls are infuriating, either ban / block / report. The internet can be a toxic place but you can learn so much from how this side of the internet works.

Just be yourself and remember the work doesn’t stop when the stream ends.

If you could change one thing about Twitch, what would it be?

I personally just think as streamers we should have more input on Twitch! Things happen and we put it to social media to voice our opinions for things to change because we have no real way of addressing concerns or problems. Emailing feels like a lifetime before you get a reply (if you ever get one).

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