Fairly Odd Streamers Interviews Ekuegan: A Destiny 2 Streamer

Fairly Odd Streamers Interviews Ekuegan: A Destiny 2 Streamer

Ekuegan started off as a console streamer playing the original Destiny. With the release of Destiny 2, you'll see him stream on Xbox, Playstation and PC. He's a partnered Twitch streamer, admin of Streamboat Gaming, and a member of Team eXcellence. Although he almost exclusively plays Destiny 2, he's open to playing new games in the future.

How’d you get your gaming name?

It's my first name. My full name is Ekuegan Teko-Agbo.

Why’d you start streaming and what’s your favorite part about it?

I started streaming to help out members in my community who were denied help because they did not have the right weapons.

Is streaming your full time job?

Streaming is now my full-time job, after being partnered. I decided to move to Oregon and cut my cost of living down. And it is way better than living in NYC when it comes to living.

You’re an admin for SB Gaming and a member of Team EX. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

My Journey with SB Gaming started about 4 years ago when I met my friends DAYMIMNICE and SBGSTBONE. We wanted to make a clan of friends and family, and our goal was to crush every game we played. But importantly, have fun and enjoy it. When it comes to Team Ex, I was introduced by my brother LibraLebron (who is also a streamer). After having chat with the owner JVen, it seemed like the perfect place to be.

Since you’re strictly a console gamer, have you felt the urge to move from console to PC with the release of Destiny 2?

I actually play Destiny on all 3 Platforms lol. But the PC version (graphics wise is amazing)

What’s your community like?

My community, man they’re the kindest knuckleheads I know, and I am glad to have met all of them in this crazy streaming journey.

What’s your setup look like?

It’s not fully setup since I just moved here, but It will be upgrading real soon.

ekuegan setup

Top 3 favorite games of all time?

  1. Final Fantasy 7
  2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
  3. Destiny 1

Are there any particularly memorable moments that happened on stream?

Man, there are a lot of crazy moments. I wouldn’t even know where to start, one of the craziest was a $5,000 donation from a regular viewer who has never really chatted and always lurked. And that helped me to move from Florida to NYC with all of my items. It covered me for 3 months as I looked for a job and finally lead onto being a full-time streamer. That is something I will never ever forget.

How long do you see yourself on Twitch?

Man, I’m not sure. But I love the Twitch platform, and as long as it’s there, I really don’t see myself going anywhere else.

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