Best Graphics & Overlays for Twitch

We've compiled the graphics resources for streaming for: 
Twitch, Discord, Mixer, YouTube, and more.

Our Favorite Graphics for Twitch

Graphics are an important part of your channel as they set the tone of your brand. It's important that you take time to figure out how you want to present yourself and your channel to your audience.

We know not everyone is an expert within design, which is why we've compiled this list of graphics resources. You should definitely be able to find a design that speaks to you, and that you want to represent your brand.

Some of the resources are free, some you'll have to pay. You shouldn't scoff at the idea of paying for premium graphics. $30 for a full stream package can not only make you take your channel more serious (since you've now invested more money into your stream), people will definitely notice the improvement in stream quality and brand consistency. This signals to viewers that you're a streamer that takes their craft seriously.

Our picks in resources are the best out there. You'll be able to find something that floats your boat.

Nerd or Die

Free + Premium

nerd or die homepage
Compatible with Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook

Originally starting as a tutorial website and YouTube channel, Nerd or Die has evolved into a brand that creates products, custom designs, free resources, and tutorials for anyone looking to enter into the live streaming world. Their goal is to make stuff they're proud of, and it shows.

Nerd or Die has some of the best graphics available for streamers on all platforms. And they have a mix of free and premium products, all of which will make your stream look sleek and professional.

Here's a list of some of their products:

  • Alerts
  • Overlays
  • Panels
  • Sound effects
  • Full stream packages

Most of their products are compatible with:

  • OBS
  • StreamElements
  • Streamlabs

And did we mention that Nerd or Die creates custom event lists, chat boxes and stream widgets that are compatible with Streamlabs and StreamElements?!

How about free resources. Yes, Nerd or Die offers a few free resources that are just as amazing as their products. They include: 

  • Twitch Panel Maker (free)
  • Stream Deck Icons (name your price)
  • Alert Maker (name your price)
  • Social Media Popup (name your price)
  • And more

Nerd or Die is at the top of our list for graphics. Their site is designed extremely well, and each product has a detailed analysis of what's included and how to set it up to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

If in doubt, check out NoD.



Compatible with TwitchMixer, YouTube, Facebook

StreamElements takes an innovative approach to overlays, and stores all your graphics and assets in the cloud, reducing pre-stream setup time to a few seconds. This also enables launching your overlay from every device, and backs up all your overlay graphic assets.

How does it work?

StreamElements has its own Overlay editor that offers unrivaled management of your overlays and ease of use with one source loading. In the Overlay editor you can create, edit, duplicate and customize your overlays effortlessly.

All your overlays are stored in your StreamElements account, with each overlay having a unique URL to be placed in your streaming software (OBS project/Xsplit) and containing your whole setup.


Before you use the editor, you get to choose your theme from their gallery. If you don't want a universal theme, you can pick and choose your own overlays, alerts, panels, etc. But having a uniform theme will definitely help with branding, and is a much safer choice when creating (or updating) your profile.

And all of this is free. You pick your theme, and then you customize it with the overlay editor.

Out of the box, you immediately get the following with StreamElements:

  • Overlays (in-game, stream started, stream ended, be right back, and just chatting)
  • Chatbot
  • Alerts
  • HypeCup
  • KappaGen
  • Widgets
  • Analytics

You can plug and play your own custom graphics/overlays onto StreamElements. Nerd or Die, for example, creates themes specifically for StreamElements. Although you may have to pay, you can use a custom theme to really hone your brand identity.


If you prefer other chatbots for specific commands, or tips, you can import the following tools:

  • StreamLabs (alertbox, tips)
  • NightBot (commands, timers)
  • Ankhbot (points, quotes, commands)
  • DeepBot (points, commands)
  • Moobot (commands, timers)
  • TipeeStream (alertbox, tips)

As you can see, StreamElements has a lot more to offer than just graphics. Their platform is an all-in-one streaming solution for anyone on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, etc.

And it's not just for beginners. Some of the biggest streamers out there use StreamElements and love it. It's hard not to.


Free + Premium

streamlabs themes
Compatible with Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook and more

Streamlabs is another all-in-one solution for streamers, like StreamElements. The service is free to use, but they also offer Prime, a subscription based membership that gives you additional features.

Prime costs $149/year or $19/month. What are the benefits of Prime?

  • Themes. You can choose from thousands ofprofessionally designed themes to get you started. You can customize your own theme, or pick from thousands of pre-made options. Either way, your stream will look amazing.
  • Apps. Every app is free with Prime, and they have over 40 - all designed to grow your channel. You can't use them unless you have Prime.
  • Custom Website. Streamlabs will hook you up with a custom domain and website, leveling you up from casual streamer to professional content creator. You can customize your site however you wish.
  • Merch Store. You have the option to create fully custom, dropshipped merchandise including clothing, headwear, stickers, home goods and more. There are tons of benefits to the custom merch store, but most importantly it allows you to diversify your income.
  • Gold Status. You'll get tons of oppotunities to win amazing prizes and level up your stream with each new All-Star status. This includes PC giveaways, VIP giveaways, game codes, an exclusive gold t-shirt, and more.
  • Mobile App. Get your own private server hosted on the Streamlabs Cloud. This ensures if your mobile IRL stream gets disconnected, you won't go offline and lose all your viewers.
  • Cloudbot. You get to rename your bot and brand it however you wish. It takes customization to a new level.

You get a lot more, but you get the gist.

Although you don't need Prime, most of the themes, apps, widgets, etc require a Prime subscription in order to you to use them.

You may scoff at the idea of paying a yearly (or monthly) subscription, but you won't have to worry about anything else for your stream. You'll have access to anything you need. This includes:

  • Alerts
  • Chat boxes
  • Events lists
  • Goals
  • Stream labels
  • Viewer count
  • Tip jar
  • Spin wheel
  • Media sharing
  • Donation tickers
  • Sponsor banner
  • Lots more

Streamlabs is very similar to StreamElements. They offer a lot of the same features and are a great choice for streamers to quickly get their stream setup while looking professional.

Graphics FAQs

How to make a Twitch overlay with Photoshop?

Creating your own overlay can be difficult if you're not familiar with Photoshop or other image editing software. Nevertheless, above you'll see how to create your own animated facecam overlay.

The tutorial uses Photoshop and After Effects. If you have questions, go to the video and leave a comment.

How to get Twitch chat overlay in game?

Restream Chat is an application that allows you to overlay your Twitch chat on top of the game you're streaming. The tutorial above will walk you through each step of the process.

How to make a Twitch overlay without Photoshop?

Dale will show you how to make a Twitch overlay without Photoshop. To make this overlay, you'll need the open source software, GIMP.

How to add overlay to Twitch on PS4 or Xbox?

In this tutorial you'll learn how to get overlays on your Xbox stream without a capture card. They'll walk you through to setup your audio with the Astro A40s and a mix amp. This should also work for Playstation.