Sponsorship and Affiliate
Los Angeles, CA


AKRacing is known for their gaming chairs. They offer an ergonomic design, high-quality materials and adjustable features that's perfect for all gamers.

Affiliate Program

Becoming an AKRacing envoy – or messenger, or ambassador, or affiliate – means working side by side with a passionate team of gaming industry professionals all over the world, cooperating with top eSports teams, and being a part of the video game development community. Gamers from North America to Australia love and value the AKRacing brand and you can help grow this community.

Once part of the AKRacing Envoy Program, you’ll promote best in class gaming chairs that change the way gamers play the game! You’ll enjoy full support and utmost respect of the AKRacing team.

Anyone can join the program. And you'll enjoy 5% commissions.