Fremont, CA


AVerMedia Technologies provides PC, tablet, and mobile TV-viewing solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product designs. Their products range from streaming kits to TV tuners.


AVerMedia wants to work with streamers and content creators that share their enthusiasm for making communities come together. If you can dream big and make thigns happen, AVerMedia wants to work together to brign the streaming and gaming community the best content they will ever see.

Below you'll see some requirements they request of their partners.

Determination: We want to see that you are determined to create entertaining and inspiring content, determined to make a connection with your community, and determined to work with us in the best way possible.

Content Cooperation: We would appreciate your cooperation on creating valuable content for AVerMedia, including but not limited to images, video clips, live streams, and attendance at special events.

Product Knowledge: We want you to use and understand how our products work. This is vital to properly introduce them in any given situation.

Exclusivity: We believe that AVerMedia products are all you need for success and we hope that you agree. We ask that you exclusively use AVerMedia hardware for your capturing needs.

Benefits that AVerMedia Partners can enjoy: 

  • Free AVerMedia equipment for personal use, review, and community giveaways
  • Branded AVerMedia gear and apparel to show off your partner status
  • Participate in product development and testing
  • Invitation to exclusive AVerMedia Partner events
  • Social media promotion and support from official AVerMedia accounts
  • Priority support so you never have to worry about technical difficulties