Battle Beaver Customs

Battle Beaver Customs

Sponsorship and Affiliate


Battle Beaver Customs has a sponsorship and affiliate program.


There isn't much detail surrounding the Battle Beaver Customs sponsorship, despite the fact they offer sponsorships to teams and individuals. They have an application link and requests the following information:

  • Total follower count
  • Twitch link
  • Why should Battle Beaver Customs sponsor you or your team?
  • What would you like to see from Battle Beaver Customs if sponsored? 


Are you an aspiring amateur player looking to support Battle Beaver Customs and looking to earn respect to become a fully sponsored team or individual? Then apply for our affiliate program and earn free stuff as you prove your value when followers and subscribers alone won't cut it.

You will be issued a 5% discount code if accepted good towards anything on our site. As it is used, you will receive credit that can be used for free merchandise as giveaways or personal use.