Brickhouse Nutrition

Brickhouse Nutrition

Hurst, TX


Brickhouse Nutrition specializes in nutraceutical and lifestyle products. They are looking for people who share similar ideas on health and wellness. Brickhouse Nutrition is working to build a great team of affiliates who can help spread the word about BrickHouse and build a strong community of involved supporters.

Affiliate Details

Once you sign up as a BrickHouse Affiliate, they will generate a custom link to their site so you can earn credit on your referrals. If you'd like, during sign up you can also create a custom discount code that offers 10% off for your customers.

For each person that enters their site via your custom link and makes a purchase, you earn a set percentage back on each order. The percentage you earn is based on the total revenue you generate every 30 days. The breakdown below shows the percentage tiers based on total sales within the 30 day window. You’ll receive direct payment via PayPal within 1-3 days of each conversion.

brickhouse commission tiers