Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Filters

Boulder, CO


Epic Water Filters was founded by Ash Heather in April 2015. Having just moved to the United States from Asia and witnessing first hand plastic bottle pollution on the beaches and in the rivers that got him thinking --  there had to be a solution. It started with developing a bottle with a robust filter in it, allowing people to drink and enjoy their tap water without using single use plastic bottles.

One “Everyday” bottle filter removes 70+ tap water contaminants and replaces 550+ single use plastic bottles! We have an exclusive partnership with Nalgene that allows us to offer a variety of filtered water bottles in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We even make our own bottles that vary from glass to insulated stainless steel. So if you're looking for something sleek and slim, or big and rugged, we’ve got you covered.

About the Sponsorship, from the founders

The Epic team has several gamers on staff who play a variety of RPGs and FPS games (including Matt, who is in charge of this program), so we know the platforms and the games well. Though we are no major “Energy Drink” company, at the end of the day everyone on Earth needs to drink water. That being said, we don’t think you should have to compromise on quality or impact. It should be possible to drink contaminant free water from your tap while also reducing plastic pollution, and it is!

We have our own Streamer specific affiliate program where you can earn 15% commission when someone uses your 20% off discount code in our store or navigates to our site through your affiliate link. These links and discount codes are perfect to use as commands in your chat or in your stream title! We have a dedicated member on staff (Matt) who is easy to reach with any questions. Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up, start earning, and help us in our mission to reduce single use plastic water bottles!

Why Join

  • Earn 15% commission for each sale
  • Bottle & filter made in the USA
  • 60 day cookie duration for affiliate links
  • Automatic monthly payouts
  • Easy to use affiliate dashboard
  • Free products & swag through our influencer program :)
  • We ship to 40+ countries worldwide
  • Help to reduce single use plastic pollution!
  • Each bottle filter = 550+ single use plastic water bottles