Forever Grips Gaming

Forever Grips Gaming



Forever Grips is a gaming accessories company who look to support the local gamers in the amazing gaming community! Please answer all of their questions to the best of your ability.

There is a link at the end of this application for more information on Forever Grips and what is included in this partnership.

Questions included in their form

  1. If you/your team become partnered we will send you a photo with your code on it. What will you do with that photo once we send it to you? (It's to help promote your code to your community and friends so more people use it and support you!)
  2. List and explain ALL the ways you/your team can and will support Forever Grips and what you will do with the 15% off code you will obtain.
  3. What is your gaming history and your accomplishments? (Who are you? What have you done since you’ve started gaming to now? What makes you different from everyone else? What have you done in the Gaming Community?)
  4. Why are you interested in becoming partnered? (Why should we pick you and not the other applicants? What interests you to come to Forever Grips?)
  5. Would you purchase at Forever Grips? If not, why?
  6. What would you like your unique 15% OFF code to be if you become partnered by Forever Grips? Our codes ARE NOT case sensitive, so we will add it in as all capitalized. Keep it between 2-14 characters. (If you are stuck you may request us to pick one for you.) Please keep it original and unique.