Insane Labz

Insane Labz

Harrison, AR


Insane Labz is one of the most odd energy drink companies you'll find. The owner is horror-theme obsessed and tries to ensure the brand embody that genre. You can join their affiliate program if you're brave enough. Details from Insane Labz is below.

When you join THE ASYLUM, you get a personal discount code each month, a generous commission (payable through PayPal or by store credit), a discount code for your customers and the tools you need to help you grow your income and earn free products.

We have partnered with Affiliately, an affiliate management platform with tools that WE use to bring you the best affiliate program in the industry - and that YOU can use to maximize your benefits!

In the comments section, please tell us the name of the local gym you work out at, and how you heard about our affiliate/ambassador program. [Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Friend, Our Site, Email, Internet (search), Other (please specify)]


Where can I find my 55% personal code?

Your personal discount code and public discount code are found near the bottom of the "Info" tab on your affiliate console.

What is my public code and can I change it?

Your public discount code is the one you share with your audience, and can be set by emailing your desired code to  Codes must be no more than 10 characters in length and must not include any word or term that is all or part of our company name, product names or other trademarks.  You are able to make changes to your public discount code once per calendar year.  

What if someone I know said they used my discount code, but I didn't get credit for the sale?

The Affiliatly system has been extensively tested and we currently have over 3,000 affiliates on the program - the system works.  However, if the system is temporarily down for any reason known to us, we will notify you via email and on Instagram. If you haven't received credit for a sale, it may fall into on or more of the various exclusions referenced in the following question. Unfortunately, we are unable to make manual adjustments to credited sales totals.

Do I get credit for all purchases made with my discount code?

The total value (less discounts, coupons, sales tax and shipping) of all purchases that have been made with your discount code, have been shipped, have not been refunded and were not made by an Asylum Affiliate Program participant will be credited toward your affiliate sales total.

What does the $50 PayPal and $20.00 Store Credit minimum payout mean?

The $50 minimum payout refers to how much commission you must earn before we issue payment via PayPal or $20.00 minimum for store credit. Payments are issued on or near the first business day of each month, for affiliates who reached the minimum threshold the month prior.

How do I go from a Patient to a Psychiatrist?

To move to the Psychiatrist tier, you must have $300 or more in credited sales during the prior month. Tiers are automatically adjusted at the start of each month.

Where can I find promotional images?

On your affiliate console there is a "Banners" tab, you can download our promotional images there.  Please be sure to post current promotional photos only.  No other photos that use the InsaneLabz® name, logos, trademarks or trade dress are authorized.

If I need to update my profile info, where can I do that?

You can update any personal info on your "Profile" tab (The tab marked with the head icon.).