Into the AM has a Creators Program that allows creators to earn cash and exlusive perks. They partner with content creators, big and small, to spread the word about their handcrafted apparel. You can earn commission for each item, whether it's from their brand or any of their licensed games.


  • Custom Discount Code: Offer your fans a 10% discount and earn commission on everything they buy.
  • Monthly Cash Payouts: Track your total sales in real-time and get paid every month.
  • No Exclusive Contract: Promote as many different companies as you want.
  • Custom Merch: Prove yourself a top streamer and we’ll create your branded merchandise for free.
  • Hosted Giveaways: Earn prizes from us and grow your following with collaborative giveaways.
  • Partnered Discord Server: Join our community of streamers and collaborate on our Discord server.


TLDR how does this program work?

We provide you a custom link and discount code. Your code offers viewers 10% Off their orders, and you receive a 10% commission of their order total.

Will you send free clothes to wear?

You can quickly earn store credit on top of our base Commissions. After just $250 in total sales, we'll send you $50 in store credit and another $50 when you reach $1000. Then the more you sell, the more free stuff you’ll earn.

How do you track sales?

If a customer clicked your affiliate link or used your discount code, you receive credit for their order. You can view total sales on your personal dashboard after sign up.

What if someone clicks my link but makes a purchase later?

We track anyone who clicks your link for 30 days. If they place an order within those 30 days – even without using your discount code – you’ll get credit for the sale.

When do I receive my commission?

Your commission is paid via PayPal within the first 10 days of the following month. For example, your January commission will be paid out within the first 10 days of February.

How can I earn extra rewards on top of my commission?

We track your lifetime sales and send you extra rewards when you hit certain checkpoints. You will recieve $50 store credit at $250 total sales, $50 store credit at $1000 total sales, and then $100 store credit for every $1000 in total sales until you hit $10,000.