JuJu Energy

JuJu Energy

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Designed specifically for gaming, JuJu is an energy drink powder to provide increased energy, focus, and reaction time you need to stay alert and on your game.

JuJu also includes B, C, and D vitamins, nootropics, electrolytes, and antioxidants along with Lutemax 2020 to combat blue light strain.


JuJu has an affiliate program and offers sponsorships.

They are looking for creators, editors, and more across all platforms. JuJu understands there are go-getters and self-driven people, and they've created a program that will grow with you.

Affiliates must average 12 concurrent viewers or equivalent.

Sponsorships require a high concurrent viewer count, 100 minimum, with consistent engagement and familiar with how to push and promote products.


  • Free product upon acceptance
  • Personal discount code for you and your community
  • Alerts for when someone uses your code for instant gratification
  • Social promotion – grow together
  • Ability to get free product every month
  • In-house giveaways
  • Giveaways for your community
  • Ability to get your own shaker and flavor

Visit their sponsorship page to apply now.