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KontrolFreek offers an affiliate program. See how their program works below and whether or not you meet their requirements.


Be authentic! Our Creators & Esports Ascenders programs are designed to reward you for spreading the word about all the great benefits of KontrolFreek products. You’ll earn KontrolFreek.com store credit and commission with your unique 10% discount code (KF Creator Code). That means everyone wins when you’re honest and passionate about your #FreekNation love!


  • Have a minimum of 15,000 followers on your social channels.
  • Be active – upload or stream regularly and be ready to show off your favorite performance thumbsticks or grip!
  • Be relevant – use KontrolFreek products and be able to share the benefits you see with your fans.
  • Be positive, engaging and entertaining! We have no interest in working with spammers, e-blasters or jerks. Our best partners are trusted and respected for their authenticity and deep gaming knowledge.

See all the teams KontrolFreek sponsors here: https://www.kontrolfreek.com/pages/teams