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NZXT creates products for gamers - that has always been their passion. They sell gaming PCs and tons of PC components like cases, coolers, motherboards, power supplies and more.


Team NZXT is an affiliate program where you'll get paid for promoting NZXT products. By joining the team, you'll get custom NZXT swag and custom PC parts. NZXT also provides hookups for your followers with discounts, giveaways and more. Lastly, NZXT will help you build your brand across their entire social network.


What is an NZXT affiliate?

NZXT Affiliates are a specially selected group of social media content creators (Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) who are passionate about PC gaming and the PC building scene.

How do I become an NZXT affiliate?

Sign up is simple: Just fill out the form on the previous page with all the required info. We’ll review your application, to make sure you are an awesome fit, and get back to you shortly.

What is expected of me as an NZXT affiliate?

Being an NZXT affiliate means you live out the same values as we do at NZXT. You are humble in your ways, but still confident in what you do. You pursue your passion and aim to achieve beyond what's expected. You foster community, working well with others, and always accept accountability for your actions.

How does the NZXT program work?

The NZXT Affiliate program is a way to take your love for all things NZXT and earn a little extra money for your passion. You already talk to your friends and fans about PC building, so why not get rewarded for what you are already doing for free?

How much can I make?

The sky's the limit. Every time a sale is made, that uses your specific referral link, you earn a commission. You begin at 4%, but based on performance can increase that amount. Additionally there are no earning caps to worry about!

How do I get paid?

Your earnings are paid via our affiliate program partner Shareasale. Once you are approved, you will be able to set up how you receive your payments (typically on a monthly schedule).

How do I track my efforts?

Via our affiliate partner, you will have access to all your hard work. You'll be able to track your commissions earned and more.