Peepo Paradise

Peepo Paradise



PeepoParadise is a gift shop that started from our love for peepo, and wanting to share physical products of our favourite twitch memes to one another. They've created a selection of high-quality peepo merchandise ranging from bucket hats, enamel pins, mousepads and more.


Through partnering with us and joining our affiliate program, you will receive the following:

  • 🌶️ 10% Discount code to give to viewers
  • You receive 15% of order revenue
  • 40% Creator discount code for personal use only
  • Lifetime affiliate; once someone uses your coupon code, that customer will be linked to you forever, and ALL future purchases from that customer will count as a referral, even if they don't re-use the coupon code

Their products are bestsellers on Etsy, where they've been selling a small selection of products whilst their website was in development. Their products will sell themselves once your viewers see them.

They use CouponAffiliates, to bring you a trusted, feature-rich affiliate dashboard to provide everything necessary for affiliate marketing. This includes detailed usage statistics, accurate commission calculations, latest referral orders, monthly statistics summary, payouts management and more!

Please contact to become an affiliate.