Rogue Energy

Rogue Energy



Rogue Energy is one of the most popular gaming energy drink brands and the only gaming drink brand with 4 unique product lines to match your energy and focus needs. Since their inception in 2017, Rogue has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world due to their effective formula, non-chalky texture, delicious flavors, and inclusive brand strategy.

Affiliate & Sponsorship Programs

Rogue Energy offers both an Affiliate and Sponsorship program. Similar to the Twitch model, individuals in the Rogue Affiliate program are called Affiliates while individuals in the Sponsorship program are called Partners. Benefits vary between the two tiers.

Rogue allows anyone to join their Affiliate program which offers the massive benefit of allowing gamers and streamers of all sizes to reap the benefits of the program and monetize their content. For larger creators and organizations, unique Partnership agreements are available that offer even more benefits and closer align creators and brands with Rogue.

Benefits of Joining

  • Earn commissions up to 15% for sales made with code or sponsorship link.
  • Creators of all sizes. No application required to become an Affiliate.
  • Start as an Affiliate and work towards Partnership.
  • Both Affiliates and Partners can apply to run Twitch Takeovers on the Official Rogue Energy Twitch channel.
  • Partners earn free product shipments.
  • Partners can run giveaways for their community.